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FFM-016: Gregg Plummer – Red Veil

FFM-016: Gregg Plummer - Red Veil

Track List

1/     Red Veil     09/32
2/     Mystere     10/44
3/     Hidden Away     08:15
4/     Seekers of Truth     14/18
5/     Revelation     14:10


Red Veil        ffm•016
Gregg Plummer

Time is a precious commodity. In this hyper connected and information soaked world, a bit of time away from the buzz of the world can be just what the mind and soul need in order to recharge and find our way.

With “Red Veil” Gregg Plummer gives us the gift of time.

Oh, sure, you can listen to this music while tweeting, posting, commenting and sharing (truth be told, I did all of that while preparing this for release). But the gentle harmonious drones and luxuriating pads call you away from all that. They build a time machine that can take you to a time without the incessant rhythm that our yearning beats out upon our keyboards and into the world.

This is meditative music, music for being present, for being in time rather than watching rush past you.

This is something that is crucial to our mental and emotional health, and something which I’m grateful that Gregg has allowed Free Floating to share with you.

So I will ask you to take this music and at some point take some time out of your busy life and just listen to it. Not while working or reading or doing yoga. Or even meditating. Let the music itself and the time you spend with it be your meditation.

Like me, you will appreciate that time and be stronger for it.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, WA
November 2012

About The Artist

Gregg Plummer’s music crosses several genres, among them atmospheric, ambient soundscapes, eclectic experimental tracks, relaxation and easy listening offerings, and contemplative drones and space music.  “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been creating my own soundscapes, plinking out mysterious chords on the piano or strumming odd patterns of sound on the guitar or keyboard. Since childhood, I’ve dreamed of creating unusual  inviting symphonies, mixing harmony with cacophony, juxtaposing bright beautiful sound with dark haunting drones.

“Though I’ve learned much along the way regarding music theory and “right vs. wrong” techniques to creating music, I tend to ignore these basic principles and just allow my fingers to transcribe and decipher the thoughts and inspiration that comes to me as gifts from my muses.”


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FFM-015: Silvercord – I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door


Track List

1. Waking to Solace 06/11
2. I Smiled Because I Knew Death Was But A Door 18/56
3. The Lifted Veil 05/04
4. Far Journeys 08/42
5. Listening to Silence Speak 14/13
6. As Ash Rains 08/49


I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door        ffm•015


The term has lost much of its meaning, being used so often in common speech and advertising hyperbole that it almost passes us by when we hear it. Yet beauty is really at the heart of Free Floating and is expressed consistently throughout this new work by Silvercord.

When something is beautiful it affects us on different levels. At the surface there is something pleasing to the senses, something that draws us in and holds us in a place of simple appreciation. These pieces do that. The subtle shifting chords and drones create a gentle echoing space that feels like a beautiful place to just be.

But more than just pleasing, beauty touches us more deeply and more profoundly. The pleasant sensations are the leaves and branches of a tree with deep roots that reach down to the deeper core of us and grow from those places of richer experience and meaning. The themes explored in this music dig deeply, posing questions of life and death that are at the center of being human.

And so I’m proud to be releasing I Smiled Because I Knew That Death Is But A Door on Free Floating and am happy to welcome Silvercord to the artist roster. This music represents another step in his maturing musical vision and expands the depth—and beauty—of the Free Floating oeuvre.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, WA
October 2012

From the Artist

I started the music project Silvercord back in 1999 with the first release ‘swan on a black sea’. As I was a music major in the university, I started to become very interested in recording music. It wasn’t long before I started listening to ambient music programs on public radio (Echos, Hearts of Space) and fell in love with the new world of sound that I hadn’t had knowledge of or access to in youth.

Recording music started to become to be a very therapeutic process and it remains as such today. In fact, recording (as well as editing and mixing/mastering) is not just my passion, it’s my mainstay of living. I started “Black Swan Audio” here in Seoul and have been helping artists both from Seoul and around the word produce, mix and master their music. It is my dream job and I am deeply thankful I have the chance to do what I love to pay the bills. These days, besides running Black Swan, I am at a University in Seoul studying Korean.

The theme for the new album came from a dream I had. In the dream I found myself in a situation in which my death was imminent. The mood of the dream was no doubt dark and hostile though something special had surfaced in both my dream consciousness and my waking consciousness. As I was still dreaming and about to die in my dream, I somehow was able to perceive death merely as a change in consciousness. I awoke the next morning feeling a greater sense of peace, more free from the noisy broken tape loop that always seems to be endlessly repeating in my mind.


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FFM-014: Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 2

FFM-013 - Altus - The Sidereal Cycle 2

Track List

1. Andromeda 54/50


The Sidereal Cycle 2        ffm•014

The plans for what would become The Sidereal Cycle took place without any input from me. I first found out about the concept from a post on the Altus blog. As soon as I read it I reached out to Mike (Carss, AKA Altus) with a resounding, “Yes, please! Fans of Free Floating and ambient I’m sure understand my enthusiasm.

Simply put, Mike Carss is a master of ambient music, there can be no doubt about that. Of the ambient artists that I listen to and love, I feel that Altus music is the most ‘composed’. While much of it is decidedly cinematic in structure, even the more minimal and abstract pieces seem to have deeper structures and themes that resonate throughout.

With his focus on thematic elements, the music of Altus is also somewhat painterly, in that the melodies and structures help to draw mental images, especially since each release usually contains a specific topical reference (time, sleep, fire, water, etc.).

And so it is fitting that Altus turns his hand once again to the grand theme of time and the seasons with The Sidereal Cycle.

In this collection, Mike reflects on the transformation of the verdant summer into the dormant browns, oranges, and golds of autumn. Andromeda is really a two-part suite, I would say. The first part explores the gradual changes in color while the second part reflects leaves falling to the ground and the eventually dormant landscape of the impending winter.

The music is at once placid and dramatic, a perfect reflection of the changing season of autumn itself.

Please enjoy this second installation in The Sidereal Cycle and come back in a few months to hibernate with part 3.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, WA
September 2012

All music by Mike Carss
Cover design by Brad Ross-MacLeod
Photograpy by Mike Carss


Download in a number of formats:
MP3 320K, MP3 VBR, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, OGG. Images and liner notes included.


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